Publiceret den: 16-08-2019
HubLearn CEO/Founder, Danish Social Entrepreneur Adam Dollner, is cooperating with locals and governments around the world to discuss possibilities of bringing learning to more underprivileged people across the globe.

Adam is a professional Danish Army Officer (in Civil Military Cooperation) who was deployed several times to Afghanistan and Africa (frontline) where he saw and experienced the difficult life of locals. It was in those missions where he got the burden to help the underprivileged and to leave a lasting positive impact in the world. He left his corporate job, sold all his belongings and invested all his savings into his own startup dream project called “HubLearn,” as he saw this as his duty and obligation to improve the world by the education he received in Denmark. Adam is now a Danish Social Entrepreneur in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand). His vision is to inspire and help the underprivileged by providing learning opportunities at minimal cost (or free). Adam wants to promote Denmark’s unique educational system to the world thereby contributing to the world’s “Future of Learning.”

Starting HubLearn has not been easy. A few months after the company’s operations began, the app developers ran away with Adam’s money and he was about to close the company. This caused a delay with the startup. But Adam learned well from life and the Army – the values of perseverance, grit and fortitude. And after the setback, HubLearn is now on a comeback.

Now, we helping homeless and small local shops into the e-commerce and Virtual Reality (VR) together with the educational system. Adam is part of developing a mentor-partnership program with the Chulalongkorn University (CU) – Thailand’s leading and most prestigious university. Last 8 August 2019, Adam was invited by the university to speak on the “Future of Education” during the Grand Opening of the institution’s brand-new School of Integrated Innovation (ScII)-- a first of its kind in Asia. Adam was also accorded the responsibility of being an Ambassador of CU Innovation Hub.

And last 26 July 2019, Adam also had the wonderful opportunity of sharing knowledge at “Startup Thailand,” the biggest tech conference in Asia where he presented the value of “AR/VR Technology in Tourism.”

With all of these opportunities, HubLearn is now focusing on sharing knowledge about the Digital World and the Technology of Tomorrow. And by the doors that have been opened, HubLearn, a Social Enterprise recognized by the Danish government is now bridging Europe and Asia. Adam continues to build his entrepreneurial work in Asia and is sharing his journey by vlog & blogging. He seeks to inspire other Danish startups to look towards Asia and explore possibilities there.

HubLearn’s vision is the Future of Education – and we seek to inspire people to think, reflect and discuss on how we, as a global community, should approach the future of learning. As for Adam, he desires to apply what he learned from the Army – to HELP LOCALS HELP LOCALS. And with your support, we know we can bring hope to many locals.

Please help HubLearn to inspire more people and to change the world. Schedule an interview with Adam Dollner – and we will be glad to promote the distinguished Danish Education System in Asia and to encourage Danish entrepreneurs to expand their startups more onto Asia than in Europe.

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• Thai number: +66 (0) 986567533
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