Publiceret den: 23-07-2019
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Success stories are commonplace. But setbacks leading to comebacks are quite rare on media. Today, HubLearn features the story of its CEO/Founder, ADAM DOLLNER, and shares a lesson or two on the other side of being a Danish entrepreneur in Asia.
In July 2017, Adam left his corporate job, sold all his belongings and stayed in Africa and Thailand for two years to share knowledge with locals. During his immersive travels, Adam got inspired by seeing many people in need. He realized how much privileged he was for living comfortably in Europe and what a unique schooling system Denmark has. He, then, got a call for his dream project and visualized -- HubLearn. Thus, Adam invested all his savings into this startup and decided to build a Danish company, operating in Asia. Things were running smoothly at the start until he encountered a setback when the app developers did not deliver accordingly and ran away with the money. Despite losing time (more than a year) and money, Adam still determined to pursue his dream so that HubLearn is now ready for its comeback after also being recognized and approved by the Thailand government.

Adam continually desires to open doors for the less privileged thereby ensuring their livelihood for the future. Being a tech specialist, Adam wants to integrate Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)/360-Degree and virtual classrooms as part of education and everyday life so that people in the countryside who cannot afford (by time or finances) can still learn and grow their businesses. True enough, more countries see the tremendous benefits of technology nowadays. Being a responsible traveler, he wishes to build bridges amongst countries, initially between Thailand and Denmark. And finally, he constantly seeks to inspire and encourage people.

Things are indeed looking up for HubLearn. In fact, Adam will a top speaker of “Startup Thailand 2019,” Southeast Asia’s biggest tech conference (present of 60,000+ people from 25 countries) in which will run on 23-27 July 2019 in the Bangkok Innovation Corridor. Here, he will discuss the uses and benefits of AR/VR Technology in Tourism. Having successfully finished a Degree in Tourism & Travel Services Management in an online from the Danish University “UCN Professionshøjskolen University College Nordjylland” while living in Bangkok and travelling around Asia, Adam will combine his knowledge and expertise in travel and technology to move people forward.
So, if you are in Bangkok, you are cordially invited to the event: It would be great to share this milestone with you and have you write about HubLearn and Adam Dollner to inspire other people about entrepreneurship and the possibilities with today’s Technology. We hope to hear from you and help us inspire people.

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• Danish number: +45 26214444
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• Contact info: +45 26214444
• Thai number: +66 (0) 986567533
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